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Andy esquincle at
Thu Jan 16 23:05:10 MST 2003

Gary:  "As in 91 the peace movement will in all probability implode."

There will be a crucible, but we'll see about implosion.  I'd say that
the 91 peace movement was a promising development that was not truly
tested (by events).

Lately I tend to find anti-war sentiment (surprisingly) profound and am
optimistic because of it.

While you heard the first of those changing bulletins regarding Iraqi
warheads on ABC (and your expression that political time is tearing
itself free of chronological time is useful) --

in the US hospital where I work, on the orthopedics floor, where I
happened to be, nurses saw the same on the televisions in patients'
rooms. A little murmur ran through the busy nursing station that the
weapons inspectors had "finally found" the "smoking gun" and now there
will be -- solemn pause -- War.  "They found warheads," someone
explained.  "They did not," I said, in a sarcastic tone.  "Oh yeah they
did," came a straight reply, "stamped right on them it says, 'Made in
Texas.'"  (Laughter.)

Andy Coates

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