Making Social Movements: The British Marxist Historians and the Study of Social Movements

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Making Social Movements: The British Marxist Historians and the Study of
Social Movements, June 26-28, 2002, Edge Hill College of Higher
Education, England,

Colin Barker (Manchester Metropolitan University) A Modern Moral
Economy: Edward Thompson and Valentin Volosinov Meet in a North
Manchester Protest

David Seddon (University of East Anglia) Food Riots, Past and Present:
Globalisation and Contemporary Popular Protest

Mark Boden (London School of Economics) British Marxist Historiography
and the Question of 'Absent' Bourgeoisie: A Critique

Dorothy Thompson (Author: The Chartists)

Paul Blackledge (Leeds Metropolitan University) All That Moves Is the
Market: Perry Anderson's Historical Pessimism

Sean Scalmer (Macquarie University, Australia) The Problem of Decline:
Demobilisation and the Fracturing of Working Class Politics

Neil Davidson (The Open University) Regional Peasant Revolt and
Religious Radicalism during the Scottish Bourgeois Revolution

Edwin Roberts (California State University, Long Beach)  From the
History of Science to the Science of History: The Role of Scientists and
Historians in the Shaping of British Marxist Theory

Bollette M. Christensen (University of Copenhagen) Constructing a Social
Movement (Attac in Denmark)

Sigrid McCausland (The Australian National University) Movement and
Class: the Anti-Uranium Movement in Australia

James Holstun (State University of New York, Buffalo) Brian Manning and
the Dialectics of Revolt

Geoff Kennedy (York University, Toronto) Digger Radicalism and Agrarian

Ulrich Oslender (University of Glasgow) The Return of the "primitive
rebel"? Reflections on the Colombian Conflict Today

Philip Shasko (University of Wisconsin)  From Primitive Rebels to
Conscious Revolutionaries: The Macedonian Struggle as a Social Movement,

Henrique Espada Lima (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)
Historical Microanalysis and Social History: Historiographical Exchanges
between British Marxist History and the Italian Microhistory Debate

Keith Flett (London Socialist Historians Group) "Whistling into a
Typhoon": A Moral Economy of Anti-Privatisation

Trevor Bark Crime Becomes Custom -- Custom Becomes Crime

Mi Park (London School of Economics) Ideology and Lived Experience: A
Case Study of Revolutionary Movements in South Korea, 1980-1995

Sara Motta  (London School of Economics) Argentinian Popular Protest in
the 21st Century: The Making of a Subject of History or a Reaction of an
Angry Crowd?

Alan Johnson (Edge Hill College) Christopher Hill and the Study of
Social Movements Leadership

Wade Matthews  (University of Strathclyde) The Poverty of Strategy:
Socialism and the British Marxists

Antonio Negro (Universidade Federal de Bahia) A Limited Number of Ideas
for an Unlimited Social History. Notes on Brazilian Trends

Hira Singh (York University, England) Anti-Fuedal, Anti-Colonial
Protests in Princely India: Structure, Tradition, Ideology

Dave Renton (University of Sunderland) English Experiences: The Problem
of Nationalism in the Work of the British Marxist Historians

Jonathan Blundell The Invention of a Radical tradition: The Case of the
Levellers and "The Business at Berford"

Jason Hribal (University of Toledo) Animals and the Working Class: The
British Marxist Tradition and Its Influence upon Environmental History

Alf Nilsen (Bergen University, Norway) Marxism, Movements and
Dialectics: Some Propositions for the Construction of a Dialectical
Optic for the Study of Social Movements

Jess Rigelhaupt (University of Michigan) "Education for Peace and
Democracy": The California Labor School and the Post-World War II
Popular Front

Sue Branford (author, Cutting the Wire: The Story of Brazil's Landless
Peasant Movement, with Jan Rocha, Latin American Bureau, 2002) Brazil's
Landless Movement (MST): From Peasant Revolt to the Politics of

Viv Mackay (University of Southampton) Labour Disputes as Contentious
Politics: Refiguring the 1928 Garment Workers Strike at the London
"Rego" Factory

Brian Roper (University of Otago, New Zealand) Exploitation, Class
Struggle and Democracy in History: The Continuing Heuristic and
Political Vitality of Marxism

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