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Mugabe: The End of the Road

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the tyrannical dictator of
Zimbabwe, whose murderous regime has destroyed the
economic fabric of the country, has reached the point
of no return. Having destroyed the country's
agricultural system with his land reform programme,
those people who knew how to create wealth for
Zimbabwe have fled (or have been killed) and now the
country is destitute.

With starvation looming in the coming months, Zimbabwe
is no longer a producer of food on a large scale.
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the
Movement for Democratic Change, has long claimed that
only ZANU-PF cardholders are allowed the food aid
supplies which has kept thousands of people from
starving to death. Now he states that there is only
enough fuel to last until the end of January, after
which there is no money left to buy any more.

He stated that close friends of Mugabe have said that
the 78-year-old President has warned his family to
prepare for the day when he is not in power, although
he claimed recently that he will "never" go into
exile. Morgan Tsvangirai issued a public statement
yesterday in which he claimed that two leading ZANU-PF
members had offered him the resignation of the
president, presumably in a scenario of a government of
national reconciliation, formed by ZANU-PF, the MDC
and with the army playing an important role.

The two men are believed to be Emmerson Mnagagwa,
third in the ZANU-PF party ranks and General Vitalis
Zvinavashe, Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Armed
Forces. As with all dictatorships, the machinery that
keeps the man in power shows its patience so long as
the status quo does not shift too heavily.

When the toll on the daily lives of the average
citizens becomes too heavy, something has to give. The
machinery shifts, the leader falls, along with his
closest aides and those who can, either lie low in
retirement or negotiate their entry into the new

The legacy of Robert Mugabe is a pitiful reminder of
the arrogance, ignorance and butchery which is so
blatantly evident when one reads the map of
sub-Saharan Africa. He will go down in history as one
of Africa's worst leaders. His 23 years in power have
been a disgrace to his country, to his continent and
to his people.

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