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Panic, Shock Grip Bush-Rove
Team At 1600 Pennsylvania
By Jeff Koopersmith
American Politics Journal

 WASHINGTON (APJP) -- It isn't much of a surprise to
me that George W.  Bush's poll numbers are circling
the drain. One need only look to the left, the right,
up, or down to realize that almost nothing is going
well America. But then you'd have to have been off the
planet for a couple years not to know that since the
former Texas governor took office as the putative
"President" of the United States at the wily
invitation of five members of the United States
Supreme Court, things have been going down hill.

Let's take a look.

The economy is tanking.

Corporate leaders, including Vice President Cheney,
are facing investigations for the worst kinds of
thievery from their stockholders.

The United States is loathed by most foreign
populations and nearly all governments around the
world, including our allies -- and yes,
together with Great Britain, despite the masquerade
from British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Unemployment has nearly doubled in the past 18 months,
and huge layoffs in the near future have already been

United Airlines is the first of many major air
carriers to go into bankruptcy.

The Bush "Administration" -- egged on by heretofore
high approval ratings, largely the result of what they
see as a gift from God (those events of September 11,
2001) -- has not found a single shred of evidence that
Saddam Hussein has or is planning to use "weapons of
mass destruction" against the United States or anyone
else save for a few "empty" warhead that "could" have
contained some sinister stuff before being discarded.

Mr. Bush has failed in his promise to catch or kill
Osama bin Laden. Not a single important Al Qaeda
member has been to trial or punished.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General, John "Southern
Partisan" Ashcroft, is engineering the arrest of
American citizens, among others, without
due process of law -- and locking "illegal combatants"
up in Cuba beyond the not-so-vigilant eyes of
America's media.

And, of course, all the news you hear, see or read
about all of the above -- and so many other issues and
events -- is controlled by a handful of corporate CEOs
who back the ideals of the Bush family, the
Republican Party, and extremist ultra right wing

News programming has become a twenty-four hour a day
sham. Talk radio is dominated by Neo-fascist
commentators, and more than 80 million Americans get
ALL their news from talk radio according to recent

When liberals or progressives attempt to present their
points of view they are shouted down, ignored, smirked
at by television and radio hosts -- or see the
programs that they host cancelled.

Medical care is so costly that an average family of
four pays more than $12,000 a year in premiums -- not
including pharmaceutical care. Drug prices have
skyrocketed and the White House sits by, promising
pharmaceutical "aid" to seniors but doing nothing to
deliver on the promise. Americans in the super
majority are begging for government-sponsored health
care -- and not a single source is reporting this
phenomenon. Drug companies gave more money to
right-wing candidates last year than any other sector
of industry.

The White House has sent more than 100,000 young
Americans off to the Middle East to prepare for a war
that the entire world, free or otherwise, opposes.

And it does not help that George w. Bush looks and
acts like a buffoon, sneering and smirking, thumbing
his nose at all foreign leaders asking him to take an
attack on Iraq more slowly and definitely more

The Attorney General spent more than $25,000 to cover
the naked bosom of the bronze statue of Blind Justice
outside his office -- probably the most expensive
burkha in history. And Mr. Ashcroft is down on his
knees praying to Jesus every morning -- in although
representing a nonsectarian justice system and a
nation with a Constitution that clearly and literally
separates church from state.

Mr. Bush has decided that giving minorities extra
points on college admission scores is
"unconstitutional" and is filing an amicus curiae
brief to this effect in the Supreme Court -- even
while paying lip service to fair and ethical treatment
of unfairly treated black and Hispanic citizens.

Interest rates are about to skyrocket -- and the last
bubble of wealth, personal real estate values, is
about to burst. Personal bankruptcies are at all-time
highs, but the White House is busy pressuring Congress
to make certain that working people cannot declare
bankruptcy in any way that will free them from debt so
that they might make a fresh start.

In Mississippi and many other southern states the rate
of illiteracy among minorities is over 65%.

Mr. Bush has proposed tax cuts that help the wealthy
and largely ignored and insulted the working poor by
giving them a tax cut that will not even cover their
annual cable televisions bills.

Progressive leaders are concentrating on driving
people out of their SUVs -- when they might better
spend their time and money driving the Vice President
from office for the crimes he committed while Chairman
of Halliburton, an oil services company which not only
overstated its profits under the tutelage of
Cheney-hired Arthur Andersen (itself a convicted
felon) but also traded with Iraq under a Cayman Island
corporation cooked up by Cheney and his board after
Cheney lobbied Congress hard to insert loopholes in
Iraqi sanctions to allow such "oil bidniss" on a more
regular basis.

The homeless are being driven out of one city and into
another rather than being provided with food and
shelter as one would do for any pathetically poor

HMOs persist on denying medical care to the mentally
ill and instead out them on the streets to be raped,
murdered and maimed.

The chasm between rich and poor in America is widening
to 19th Century proportions. Union strength has been
decimated to such an extent that collective bargaining
has become an inside joke on Washington's K Street

The White House has now shut down all the streets
surrounding it and placed batteries of surface to air
missiles around its perimeter.

The Vice President hides out in bunkers, ostensibly to
be able to save the Republic if and when Washington is
attacked by some unnamed source.

We are about to spend $2 trillion of OUR money on a
war for which we are unprepared and from which we may
not be able to extricate ourselves.

In short, the nation has gone partially insane -- and
television news has utterly failed to notice.

"We are going to inherit the earth, there is not the slightest doubt about that.  The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history.  We carry a new world, here, in our hearts.  That world is growing this minute." -
    - Buenventura Durruti

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