Galtieri, a Patriot?

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Sat Jan 18 12:55:12 MST 2003

I would like sincerely to avoid any and all polemics
with Nestor.  His position of supporting Rodriguez Saa
and previous characterizations of his about the left
in Argentina are so distant from mine that any
discussion would be fuitless and only lead to a flame

But a recent post from him about General Galtieri,
needs to be answered if only for the record:

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

"...the viperous hatred of imperialism against General
Galtieri spurted through the gutters yesterday on
> the occasion of his death. Both in London and Buenos
Aires, the mainstream press were radiant and did not
save words to blast him, perhaps the only 
> military man in Argentina who defended our land
> against imperialist occupation. Imperialism is
always aware of who are their enemies. Not 
> even death will save them. BTW: Galtieri left  his
> family a sabre and a military hat, this is all he
had at the moment of death.

Galtieri was not a patriot, but a ruling member of the
dictatorship that murdered tens of thousands of people
in Argentina.

Even one former Chief of the Argentinean Armed Forces,
Gral. Balsa, characterized him and his pals in the
military junta as incompetent in the war against,
"criminals and cowards."

Moreover, even the military commission that
investigated the role of Galtieri during the Malvinas
war recommended him to be degraded and shot.

The Malvinas are Argentinean and the struggle to
recover them from the hands of British imperialism a
just cause.  But the military dictatorship,
particularly Galtieri betrayed that struggle and acted
cowardly during the war.

The high command abandoned the rank and file soldiers
in the Islands under attack from British troops; most
officers surrendered cowardly and provoked revolts
among the soldiers, the exception of few pilots from
the Argentinean Air Force nonwithstanding.

Galtieri and his commanders looted the resources
raised by the Argentinean population for the soldiers
fighting in the front, they maintained them isolated
from the main forces in the continent and they
dissappeared from the frontlines as soon as the shoots
started; they acted solely on the speculation that
London would not counter-attack and that the US would
not support Britain.

They thought that they could get away with a badly
improvised "invasion" and when they faced the
US/British opposition, they just collapsed and ran.
Then they were chase out of power by the mass

Galtieri was directly responsible for kidnappings,
assasinations and torture of unarmed left wingers and
tradeunionists, the stealing of their babies and the
looting of their properties during the so-called
"dirty war" of the military Junta against the
Argentinean people.

Galtieri was indicted and was about to be condemned
for his crimes when then President Menem pardoned him.
 He was later re-arrested on new charges of murder and

He died from Cancer in the panchreas. I'm only sorry
he was not shot.

The only heroes and patriots in the Malvinas war, were
the rank and file Argentinean soldiers who fought
bravely and were abandoned by their "superiors." Of
course the British media dennounced Galtieri for his
failed invasion of the Malvinas Islands.  So what?

The British only dicovered he was a murderer and a
dictator after he send troops to take over the
Malvinas. Before that, he was their "man" in Buenos


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