SF Anti-War Demo

Juancho y Danny fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jan 18 18:55:09 MST 2003

Just got back about not too long ago from the anti-war demo in San
Francisco, CA.

We --my brother, my two children (8 and 11), and I-- caught the BART
train (our version of the metro/subway) near one of the last stations on
the line and at each station more and more people came on with signs,
buttons, etc.  Normally, that is usual when there is a big demo planned
in the city, but this time the train (a 10-car train, the longest BART
runs) was quickly filling to capacity as it stopped at each community
along the line --Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Oakland.
Rarely have I seen the trains so full, even at rush hour.  It must have
been the same on the other routes, as we had to wait on board the train
in one of the tunnels under San Francisco while the crowd from previous
trains to make room for us on the platform.  On top of that there were
buses chartered by groups from Davis, Sacramento, Monterey County, even
as far as San Diego.

The march itself was MASSIVE.  It started at noon and three hours later,
when we left the city, people were still streaming up Market St. toward
Civic Center Plaza.  It was also one of the most varied, with moms and
dads, children, gray-haired folk, and suburbanites easily outnumbering
the usual youth organizers and aging radicals.

The police are saying that the crowd was at 50,000 but from experience
and, just from the situation on the BART trains, it had to far exceed
that number.  If the undercount and subsequent correction of the August
demonstration count is anything to go by, then we can expect that this
one will easily surpass the  100,000 mark.

	- Juan

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