SF Rally

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Sat Jan 18 21:39:23 MST 2003

I also just got back from a post rally party...

Organizers AND police are saying 200,000 at San Francisco's Civic
Center...the march took FIVE HOURS to get into the Center. ANSWER is saying
"over 200,000" and it may well of been...good labor contingent, I marched
with the ILWU who lead off the labor contingent. The stupid TV reports are
saying "40,000" and "75,000"...while showing a picture of Market Street in
SF (like Broadway in NY) completely fucking jammed...the picture was showing
at least 150,000 people!!!!

I also took the BART in with my 12 year old...who spent the time making up
anti-war rap songs...but from the opposite direction. At the Colma/Daly City
(south of SF) Bart station there were HUNDREDS waiting to buy tickets, so
the station agent through all the gates open. I was on a cell phone with my
friend in DC who said organizers are claiming 500,000 and I got up on a
bench and announced it to the crowed waiting for the "peace trains" into the
city. Roars and cheers went up at our impromptu rally. Truly a stupendous
day! (It was also a balmy 65  degrees F., sunny, FUCKING GORGEOUS!).

David Walters

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