Anti War Demo in Shannon

John O'Neill johnfergaloneill at
Sun Jan 19 07:29:47 MST 2003

By far the largest anti war demonstration took place in Shannon yestrday.
Aprox 3,000 people attended from all over Ireland. Groups participating
included, The Labour Party, Green Party, Sinn Fein, Socialist Party,
Socialist Workers Party, Globalise Restistance and many smaller groups like
Reclaim the Streets, Workers Solidarity Movement, Irish Socialist Network
and various Anarchist Groups.

A group of public representatives attempted to enter the Airport but were
refused by Police.

Many protesters were simply anti war and not aligned to any group. I noticed
that Sinn Fein had only a handful of members in attendance although I did
see Martin Ferris TD. They didn't have anything near the representation they
would have at demonstrations in Dublin.

All groups are now preparing for February 15th which I expect (as it will be
held in Dublin) should have a much larger crowd.

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