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> Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 20:39:23 -0800
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> Subject: SF Rally



> I also took the BART in with my 12 year old...who spent the time making up
> anti-war rap songs...but from the opposite direction. At the Colma/Daly City
> (south of SF) Bart station there were HUNDREDS waiting to buy tickets, so
> the station agent through all the gates open. I was on a cell phone with my
> friend in DC who said organizers are claiming 500,000 and I got up on a
> bench and announced it to the crowed waiting for the "peace trains" into the
> city. Roars and cheers went up at our impromptu rally. Truly a stupendous
> day! (It was also a balmy 65  degrees F., sunny, FUCKING GORGEOUS!).

My parents drove an hour from Salinas (in Monterey County) to Freemont
(at the south end of San Francisco Bay) and the line to get tickets was
itself an hour long.  Once in SF they weren't even allowed off the train
at the Embarcadero, but the train went straight through to Montgomery
St., the next station up.

Today the SF Chronicle/Examiner is reporting that people came from as
far as Montana and Alaska on chartered buses.

There was some trashing done at the tail end of the march --vandalized
SUVs, a trashed Starbucks and damage to the INS building-- but the size
and breadth of the demos worldwide has just about drowned that out of
the media after one or two reports last night.  It isn't even mentioned
in the paper today.

Indeed, the worldwide scope of the coordinated demos seems to have
astounded the media who just can seem to get over it.  It was truly
fantastic when Fox news put up a world map with little markers on all
the contries where demos had been reported!!

Oh, and aparently there was also a demo in San Jose but I have yet hear
numbers for that one.

- Juan

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