Galtieri's trial (answer to MIke F.)

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Mike Friedman asks:

"Historical question, Nestor: was Galtieri put on trial for his
conduct of the the Malvinas war or for his repression of the
Argenintean people?"


He was put to trial for his participation in repression, together
with the whole gang of Commanders in Chief. To be honest, if the
trial had been a revolutionary one, the judges would have probably
taken into account that -as compared to the civilians like Klein,
Martínez de Hoz or Alemann, or to other military, like Bignone, Viola
or Videla- he (as well as the Air Force commander "Cara de Loco" Lami
Dozo) tried to defend Argentinean sovereignty against an imperialist
power (in fact, against all the imperialist powers in coallition),
and perhaps a somehow more lenient veredict would have been given to
him than the one that corresponds to Videla.

The central issue here, however, is that the whole Malvinas issue was
buried beneath a high hill of dung, and a national debate on why was
that we lost a war that we couldn't possibly lose never took place. A
trial on the war would have sparked that debate, and this is exactly
what imperialism and its local allies did NOT want to happen here.

Shallow moralizing ("Galtieri, borracho, mataste a los muchachos!",
that is "Galtieri, you drunkard, you murdered the boys!") and
defeatism became common thinking, something quite reasonable. I must
say that the "Left" in Argentina was at the forefront of that

But while the "Left" dupes hereself, the reactionaries in Latin
America are seldom wrong: recently, during a moment when Argentina
looked like on the verge of repudiating the foreign debt, a very
right-wing Uruguayan newspaper headlined "Facing an economic

The meaning of the de-Malvinization campaign was clear, as that
headline shows: if Argentina could debate whether it was doomed to
lose a war against Britain and her ally the US, then Argentina could
also debate whether to accept the Foreign Debt or not. Thus, no trial
was seriously generated, and a perfunctory report, the Rattenbach
report, established the _official line_ while keeping silent on the
concrete reasons why the battles were lost.

No need to put Galtieri to trial for the war. Not at all. Much to the

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