The Washington demonstration and its importance

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jan 19 15:33:01 MST 2003

We are dealing here with the question of political consciousness.  Of
course those who attend rallies and have illusions in the UN are not to be
attacked.  they are objectively anti-war.   But we must contest their
illusions.  We have to say that the UN cannot be trusted and events will
prove us correct on that.

One has only to think what Blix could have done so far with what his teams
have discovered.  He could have emphasised that all the CIA reports had
been followed up and had been proven untrue.  Instead he chose to say he
hadn't found the "smoking gun".  That gave credibility to the notion there
was a smoking gun. Moreover the empty rocket heads and the pages of
documents are being seized upon by the Bush regime to justify their war frenzy.

The demonstrations might however have an effect on people like
Blix.  Certainly they will have been viewed in the Arab world as a sign of

Meanwhile the bitter truth is that everyone, but everyone, with even a
modicum of education knows that if Iraq did have WMD then they would not be
attacked.  It is Iraq's very helplessness which allows this daily humiliation.



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