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Sun Jan 19 16:37:38 MST 2003

Re: Atlantic/Pacific, The most recent Natl. Sec. archives do refer to the
disappearance of the nuns and the discovery of their bodies on the Atlantic.
Almost all of the reported instances of bodies appearing on beaches are on
the Atlantic Coast of Argentina.  In this Nestor is correct.

However, at beginning with Operation Condor, and the coordination of the
Southern Cone secret police forces and continuing through the Argentine
"Dirty War," coordination and reciprocity were established in the tracking
and liquidation of "subversives."

Argentine security forces were allowed "overflight" privileges of Chilean
airspace for certain purposes, one of which was the disposal of corpses.

As for Galtieri's role, according to GWU's natl. security archive, the chain
of command for Intelligence Battalion 601, identified as the most
established, vicious, well-funded perpetrator of the
disappearances, leads "directly" to Galtieri.

Here's the URL.

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