Parallel And Linked Genocides: Iraq And Palestine

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Sun Jan 19 18:48:03 MST 2003

Parallel And Linked Genocides: Iraq And Palestine
By Edward S. Herman

Remember the optimistic forecasts of a dozen years ago that in
a post-Soviet world, without the bitter conflict of two competing
systems, and with the triumph of the liberal capitalist West, we
would soon see the spread of peace, tolerance and prosperity? The
reverse has happened: corporate concentration and globalization,
and the aggressive projection of the now uncontained military power
of the United States, have helped erode democratic substance and
increase inequality, conflict, ethnic cleansing and open warfare on
a global scale.

What is truly remarkable, however, is that in this New World
Order, genocide, supposedly something the world community would
"never again" allow to happen after the horror of the Nazi
Holocaust, has become more commonplace, in process today in two
separate but neighboring locales, with the two politically linked
to one another.

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