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Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jan 19 19:14:04 MST 2003

HI Nestor,

I hope your VCR is still on the blink and that it is still raining and the
weather is awful enough for you to respond briefly if you could to how you
think the Venezuelan crisis is unfolding.  My own feeling from here is that
the Left are making gains - Brazil, Ecuador Venezuela could link up with
Cuba and if they do surely Argentina would follow into the Left camp.

Chavez may no be doing things the way we Leftists think they should be done
but that probably only means he  might win.

What particularly interests me is how the middle class in Venezuela will
jump.  Surely they only have to look at Argentina to see the fate that
neo-liberalism has in store for them.  Yet for the moment according to the
media here the middle class Venezuelans are backing the "strike".

If you have time a reply would be much appreciated.

warm regards


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