Willaim Mandel's observations of the San Francisco demonstration

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Sun Jan 19 19:26:36 MST 2003

(These comments were posted to the LA-based Change-Links site. Fred)
The San Francisco parade took four hours to pass a given point, by my
personal observation. There were no pauses for traffic, which had been
rerouted completely. Given the enormous width of Market Street, which
used to have four streetcar lines, plus its very broad sidewalks (the
parade was wall to wall, only the last hour thinning out to require the
street alone), I find the organizers' estimate of 200,000 to be
   While youth were very well represented indeed, the San Francisco
parade seemed to me to consist of an even distribution between ages
sixty and fifteen. By dress, these were overwhelmingly working people.
African-American attendance was extremely small, perhaps one per cent.
That was equally true of Asians, who comprise a very much higher
percentage of the city's population. By appearance that was equally true
of Latinos, although many are not as readily identifiable. Nonetheless,
it could fairly be described as a white parade.
   For some reason, I, a Jew, was most deeply moved by the oldest slogan
of all, "Donna nobis pacem," on a broad purple banner with yellow
streamers, carried by a Catholic group.
Bill Mandel

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