The Washington demonstration and its importance

Donna Stainsby dstainsby at
Sun Jan 19 20:51:38 MST 2003

Fred Feldman wrote:
One of the most striking experiences I have had in these protests is the way
people who enter the fight  against the war under various patriotic or
seemingly half-hearted slogans have stubbornly stayed with the fight and
hardened their opposition even as their supposed partial demands were met as
part of  Washington's war preparations.

Ben Courtis wrote:
I think actually a lot of these people are truly antiwar and make these
liberal demands because they have faith that some element of the
establishment will have the sense to see what the liberal demonstrators
personally see, that the war is a criminal adventure for oil. All they think
needs to be done is give the decision-making power away from maniacs like
Bush, Rumsfeld etc to the responsible ones -- the UN, Congress, whoever.
Although to us their slogans don't sound anti-war, and of themselves aren't,
they really are intended to be, which is why these people come on marches.
It will be interesting which direction such people develop in politically
when the war starts and the UN and Congress back it...


Believe me, Ben, this is the start for many former liberals.  I spent
perhaps as many years as you've been alive believing this.  I began to doubt
it during the last Gulf war, and became totally disenchanted during the war
in Yugoslavia which I personally knew -- at least a little.  For those of us
who spent a lifetime believing that representative democracy was truly the
voice of the people, learning otherwise is an ice bath.  It is a step that
is extremely difficult to take.  But when the step is taken, the things one
has also known, perhaps subconsciously, leap into clarity.  It took a long
time for me to make that leap, but I find the water is considerably more
palatable on this side.

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