Homicide LOTS was Law and Order

Kay McVey katsummerland at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jan 20 03:00:34 MST 2003

Dear Charles 

Unfortunately only a few episodes have made it to
video and none to DVD.  As well they are only in VHS
NTSC format which can only be played in US and Canada.
 Anyway they are:

"Gone for Goode" (the pilot)
"Every Mother's Son" (No 22)
"A Doll's Eyes" (No 39)
and "The Subway" which as you described was
superlative viewing.

Plus the documentary, "Anatomy of a Homicide", which
aired on PBS and is about the making of the episode
"The Subway" is avaiable on video.  This hasn't made
it to Australian TV.

However, the Homicide reunion movie "Homicide - The
Movie" is available on both VHS and DVD. Again we
haven't seen this here.

It is absolutely criminal what some commercial TV
stations do with good shows.  Homicide was screen late
at night with no promotion.  So I have never seen the
first three series of it.  I was hoping I might be
able to get this on cable but they have been reshowing
the two series before the final one which as I said
has only now appeared. May be they will do a total
rewind following this and also show the movie.  



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