Anti-war Demo

D OC donaloc at
Mon Jan 20 04:40:34 MST 2003

A chairde,

The presence of Martin Ferris at the Shannon demonstration in the Shannon
was sufficient to point to Republican support for the antiwar campaign.

I will admit however that, personally, I am much more preoccupied by the
presence of a large British fortification in my own village (about 25 metres
from my house) and the constant British Army footpatrols than the US
military infringements on Irish neutrality in Shannon (which is about 130
miles away). I would be only too happy to accommodate any fellow
anti-imperialists in staging a large demonstration outside the barracks at
an army of occupation in our own country - I'll even buy a round of drinks
for any turning up for the demo at my local pub. Although I don't anticipate
having to spend too much.

Having said that, I'll hopefully see some of the comrades in Dublin on
February 15th for the national mobilisation. We'll bring a few banners and
pitchforks to show you Dubs how to do the job right.


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