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John Paramo:
>Fact is, I do not participate of the
>Leninist-international list nor I read any of his
>contributions there and except from the one he posted
>in Marxmail praising the murderer Galtieri, I don't
>know nor I pay attention generally to any of his

Praising the murderer Galtieri? You must be referring to this:

Actually, the author of this "praise" was not Nestor but a fellow
Argentinian who stated that, "No es el sentido de mi mensaje rescatar la
figura de Galtieri." I am not as expert in Spanish as the other
correspondents in this thread, but this seems to say that the purpose of
the message was not to redeem (rescatar) the reputation of Galtieri. In
fact the purpose of the message appears to be an attack on the hypocrisy of
his detractors. This seems to be the gist of the piece:

"La hipocrita condena moral de los medios a Galtieri, no es por haber
conducido mal una guerra justa, contra nuestro enemigo historico.ES
CONDENADO por algo imperdonable para ellos: POR HABERSE ATREVIDO A

Which translates roughly as the following. The hypocrisy of the media does
not consist of condemning Galtieri for having fought a just war poorly
against our historic enemy. He is condemned by them for something they
consider unpardonable, for having the impudence to confront them.

Indeed, the same sort of sentiments seem entirely appropriate to a figure
like Saddem Hussein, who has the blood of working people and Communists on
his hands as well. Nobody would dream of "praising" a figure like Hussein,
but we certainly are contemptuous of those at the Nation Magazine and
elsewhere who attack him from the "left" while wrapping themselves in the
American flag.

Finally, there is something fishy going on as far as cross-list seepage is
concerned. After Nestor first posted on Marxmail, it took 4 days for John
Paramo to respond. And even then, he did not quote the article that Nestor
had crossposted, but his prefatory remarks. Since I read the L-I archives,
I did discover that a sectarian nutter named A. Wosni, who issues opinions
on world affairs as if from a redoubt in Coyoacan, had launched a nasty
attack on Nestor. My guess is that John's intervention was--as Nestor
pointed out--inspired by that in a manner of speaking.

I would strongly urge comrades to refrain from attacks on other comrades
upon such a basis. Not only should we stick to the text under
consideration, which seems to have eluded both Wosni and John Paramo, but
we should also respect the clear lines of delineation between Marxmail and
other lists. We have very high standards here, after all.

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