[PEN-L:33994] Dissident economists fight to be heard

Michael Perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Mon Jan 20 11:14:32 MST 2003

The Notre Dame story is quite troubling.  Notre Dame had had a few good
liberals and even a UMass Marxist.  As I understand it, Notre Dame made its
attempt to become a first-line economics department by hiring Phil Mirowsky and
offering him to right to oversee several hires.

Mirowsky and the people around him were doing first-rate work.  It was not
political at all -- as I understand it.  Mirowsky and Esther Sent were both
being published by Cambridge, but not in Econometrica.  So the problem does not
seem to be one of threatening politics, but merely veering off the course of
conventional economics.


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