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Mon Jan 20 12:16:23 MST 2003

(This was just received from Nestor.)

Galtieri died.

All the media took to the task of reminding us about that.

Some, like Pagina 12 [a "red" version of mainstream newspaper "Clarin", 
aimed at the "progressives" in Buenos Aires, NG] pointed out that he was a 
drunkard and his role during the clandestine repression. His alcoholism and 
his erratic personality took him to the "madness of Malvinas". Thanks to 
this newspaper, I learnt that.

The remaining 90% of the media and the TV systems set themselves to remind 
us how irresponsible he had been when he took us to a senseless war, lost 
beforehand, over the Malvinas.

In fact, this was the ONLY MESSAGE we have been stormed with by the media 
yesterday, Channel 13 heading the posse.


They are using Galtieri's death almost in the same way that Lorenzo 
Miguel's a few days ago: they taught us that he was a very bad man, and 
worse yet, he was an UNIONIST, PERONIST besides that, and VERY VERY BAD.

It is not the intention of my message to rescue the figure of Galtieri. Let 
he not rest in peace (But for the correct reasons)

I simply get outraged at the Sepoys in the media when they try to teach mi 
son that if this country fights against Anglo Saxon imperialists we are 
losers even before we begin to confront them... Exactly like with the 
foreign debt, man...

We Argentineans lack any ability, we can't win, we can't even enter the 
field... The big one always eats the small one, the strong one always beats 
the weak one.

When they tell him 'You see, if you rebel against your master you will of 
necessity end like Galtieri.'

Malvinas, in spite of Galtieri himself and the military leadership, is a 
heroic endeavour of the Argentinean and Latin American people.

It belongs to all of us, particularly to the heroic veteran soldiers, those 
who are usually minimized as "the kids of the war". And it belongs to a 
people that, as a whole, backed the wartime actions without any restraint.

Malvinas returned us to our actual location in the world. Alligned with 
Latin American, with the example of the unconditional and selfless support 
by Perú, by Cuba, by the Third World, and the simpathies of every oppressed 
people in the Globe.

In Malvinas, it was not a Military Dictatorship confronting a European 
Western Democracy. In Malvinas we confronted (I repeat: in spite of the 
inept leadership of the actions) the actual enemy of the Argentinean people 
and of the Latin American people, that is the bloc of the Yankee 
imperialists and their closer partner, that is the English imperialists.

Malvinas demonstrated that it can be done. Englishmen themselves admit that 
they verged military defeat.

There are plenty of lessons in Malvinas. One of them is "who are our allies 
and who are our enemies". As we say in the neighborhood, "it is in hard 
times that you know who are your friends"

The hypocritical moral condemnation of Galtieri by the media does not 
originate in his wrong conduction of a just war against our historic enemy. 
He is CONDEMNED for something that they cannot forgive: THAT HE DARED TO 

Argentineans must have no pride at all. Of Malvinas, not even remembrances 
must be left...

No. Worse yet. They want us to remember upside down, that is "They allowed 
a drunkard to dupe them and to pull them from their noses towards a 
senseless war Can't you see that such a people doesn't even deserve to 
govern itself???"

DE-MALVINIZE, DE-MALVINIZE, DE-MALVINIZE, crow Hadad, Clarin, Neustadt, 
Grondona. DE-MALVINIZE, DE-MALVINIZE, ruminate Repsol, Telefonica, 
Bankboston, Techint,........

Long life to the Heroic Deeds of Malvinas

Long life to the American Homeland

Malvinas , We shall return.

Ah, yes, I forgot something: Galtieri died.

Rolando Mermet

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