Cotton and Scarcity

David Schanoes dmsch at
Mon Jan 20 12:23:12 MST 2003

LP wrote:

. Once again you are superimposing the categories found in works
 like "Value, Price and Profit" on what is essentially a discussion about
 ecological sustainability. Therefore I will not attempt to answer your
 critique except to say that new Cuban farming points in the right
 direction, but is not in itself a blueprint especially under the conditions
 of hardship under which it was created. .

LP, sorry you feel that way.  I'm not superimposing anything.  Those
categories are already there, and are already at work in the model you
directed us to. That model is not self-sustaining and has the potential to
lead to social changes that are antithetical to the revolution itself.

But this won't get us anywhere, again.


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