limitations of ANSWER model?

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Mike Friedman <mikedf at> writes:

> The indymedia coverage and comments on the Washington demo are
> linked below. The discussion of Jesse Jackson's cop-out at the end,
> and the organizers' inability to handle the demonstration at the end
> are important to the discussion of the limitations of the ANSWER
> model that has been ongoing on this list. The demonstration simply
> overwhelmed the capacity of ANSWER and its patrons. The type of
> narrow control exercised by WWP/IAC/ANSWER on the organizational
> effort needs to be superceded by a broader, more
> democratically-functioning array of forces.

How did the WWP/IAC/ANSWER stop the marchers from continuing?

I arrived at First and M about 15 minutes after the vangaurd.  There
was some people attempting to rally people forward across the police
line, but the result from the crowd was mixed at best, and the
dominant cry in response to "are we prepared to march forward" was No.
Perhaps the people were confused about the question and did not hear
it properly and were continuing with the negative response the
previous few questions.

For the record, I am not associated with ANY group, tho I spent most
of the march with some fellow Chicagoans from Voices in the Wilderness
after meeting them on the bus, two of whom spoke at the end of the
march of their time spent in Iraq last month.

The group I was with was very tired by the end and put our sign, which
had been painted in Iraq, up against the fence and started to listen
to the speakers with their portable sound system.  Perhaps you would
suggest by setting up the sound system at that location they ended the
march forward?

Can you give more concrete examples of the failure of the organizers
than a march not doing what you wanted it to do?  Who is the small
group of organizers denying people a voice, and how are they doing so?
How did they preclude your opinion from being heard?  Without more
detailed complaints I'm afraid I must just consider your comments idle
speculation and grousing.

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