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>Jeff Sparrow has done some serious work on this, and has now published some of
>it in popular form:

Read it and it's good but you know Tom it doesn't at all do justice to the
Qld &Tasmaina vs the Rest division in the Greens.  It quotes Hutton but
tells us nothing about his politics and how he went from libertarian to
being the backer of the National and Liberal Party in 1996.  Hutton was the
first and I think only member of the Left ever to attend and speak at a
national Party function.

At a public meeting he accused me of trying to demonise the National
Party!  I replied with feeling that they were ficking demons.

Actually over throwing the Goss Labor govt was one of the real achievements
of the Green Party.  they denied it after the event of course but we proved
it and their fortunes declined as a result.  My own feeling is that the
Greens were lost and becalmed and then the tide of anti-globalisation has
come into to float them off the sand bank.  You can see it in Drew Hutton's
activities here in Qld.  For years nothing then suddenly turning up at
protests and getting arrested for photo opportunities

All this is missing from young Sparow's account. But I cannot expect anyone
from Melbourne to take Qld politics seriously.  You lot never did and you
still aren't prepared to take us seriously.

Arrogant southerners!



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