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Mon Jan 20 21:36:23 MST 2003

Gary wrote: "All this is missing from young Sparow's account. But I cannot
expect anyone from Melbourne to take Qld politics seriously."

Ah, sublime to be on an email list where 33 is young -- kinda like finding
a nightclub that still insists on checking your ID.
Anyway, the document to which Tom referred is about the Victorian election,
a rather long internal document in which I tried to get my head straight
about attitudes to the Labor Party and the Greens. Doubtless it will
eventually make its way to Bob's site or into The Activist, but if anyone's
interested they can contact me off-list. The piece on the website is an
article in the current mag, for which I cribbed some of the info from the
longer thing.


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a search fi Bin Laden and searching in vain
now them waan turn it pon saddam hussein
so me find out say this is an oil game
find out say Babylon a use dem brain
righteousness the ghetto youths sustain


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