Venezuelan unrest disturbs the rot

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Jan 20 22:40:33 MST 2003

Report on recent shootings (1 dead; Chavez sez "it's war"):

"The unrest coincided with a visit from former President Jimmy Carter,
who was trying to jump-start negotiations between the government and
      "Carter has been in Venezuela since last week, but first took up
an invitation from US-based Venezuelan media magnate Gustavo Cisneros to
go fishing on the Orinoco River."

The Cisneros Group of Companies is HUGE, and includes that Coca-Cola
bottler that Chavez ordered the army to open for the people:
Panamerican Beverages, Inc.
See also the range of businesses controlled by Cisneros. A real glom

The report continues:
"The leftist-populist Chavez has charged Cisneros is bent on ousting him
and is "one of those most responsible for what is happening in
Venezuela." "

COnsideration of the antipathy of capital and the Bolivarian revolution,
Hugo may have it there. Why not?  Plus c'est la meme chose.

In the 1980s, as I believe I mentioned some time ago, the Coke business
in Venezuela was run by Cuban exiles.

It is remarkable how reactionary US soft-drink companies are in Latin
America.  Remember the Pepsi Challenge to Allende?

Anda, si --pero--
    Cuidado, Hugo.

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