(fwd from David McReynolds) Re: Open Letter to Dave McReynolds

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Jan 21 06:02:03 MST 2003


Yes, now I've gotten it twice and more. It is (really) good to hear from you.
I remember our sharp and passionate disagreements of several years ago -they
left a good impression on me.

I thought I'd had you on an old 34 page list of email addresses but I didn't.
I'm forwarding to you a copy of the "Freezing for Peace" thing (which you've
seen) just to let you know I'd tried to send it to Workers World but had the
wrong address.

One question - I don't think I can post to marxism at lists.panix.com since I'm
not subscribed. However I want to carry the response there - if possible.

One point - yes, we disagree and I'll respond (not tonight - it's been a busy
day and I just finished watching the hour and a half on Rustin, on PBS, which
I'd seen before but which was still wrenching, old times, old friends, some
great victories, some ghastly mistakes) but I think the country is really at
an important point and I want to do more than "respond".

If possible we need to find a way to forge an understanding, if not an
alliance, and if possible to build some trust. Our long range goals are very
distant, but this government is weaker than it looks (NSA, you taking this
all down?). I think Bush is in more trouble than he (or the media)

Anyway, a dialogue with you is more welcome than some I've had with a few
"socialists" who seem eager for any excuse for a war.

In struggle,

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