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>NY Times, Jan. 21, 2003 SCIENTIST AT
>WORK Iconoclast Looks for Fish and
>Finds Disaster By CAROL KAESUK YOON

This article shows one of the problems
due to overpopulation, yet it fails to
mention overpopulation. Yet, without
our facing the ugly truth about
overpopulation there will be no hope
for natural resource abundance in the
future. Articles like this would help a
lot more if they mentioned what would
be necessary to solve the problem.

There are only two critical elements
required for us to be able to provide
hope of near-future abundance on this
planet, but they are both difficult
goals. They are:

1. Ending population growth.

2. Reducing per-capita resource

It seems only socialism has any hope of
meeting these goals.

Can capitalism mutate enough to
function without the resource waste
that prevents unemployment? Ironically,
only socialism can make the economics
work, because without wealth
redistribution unearned income will not
be be able to replace the wages lost to
automation and efficiency. Unearned
income for the masses is what
we need, and only socialism will
provide it.

Some capitalist governments have
supported population control by means
other than war, but only China went
very far with that policy.

What can stop hungry people from eating
what ever is available?  Too many people
will eat too many fish, regardless.


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