FYI: Open Call for Papers - Conference - The work of Karl Marx and challenges for the XXI Century

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International Conference - The work of Karl Marx and challenges for the 
XXI Century - Open Call for Papers

The Institute of Philosophy of the Ministry of Science, Technology and 
Environment of Cuba is organizing the International Conference on "The 
work of Karl Marx and challenges for the XXI Century " which will take 
place in Havana, Cuba, from May 5 to May 8, 2003 at the Conference Rooms 
of the Cuban Workers' Labour Union (Central de Trabajadores de Cuba).

Objectives of the Event:

On the 120th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx, his work is the 
undisputed legacy to all humanity, that should remain vital to 
progressive forces and be maintained through constant renewal and 

Our conference aims at centering attention, examining the foundations of 
the current world order, and searching for ways to progressively 
surmount it, and thus contribute to the strengthening of revolutionary 
thought at the beginning of the 21st century, and at the same time being 
aware of the need for a daily revolutionary praxis that is the basis and 
at the same time the result of a close dialectical unity with science.

We are inspired by the concepts of Marx, those that creatively 
intertwine with a scientific approach to society, that allow for a 
combination of the analysis of functional processes, and a historic 
development as a "guide to action" aimed at not only to interpreting the 
world, but above all through revolutionary transformation.

Thus we wish to render a simple but sincere homage to one who 
consecrated his entire life to the indispensable theoretical development 
that is linked to humanity's struggle for full membership and freedom, 
through women and men, and we call upon all those who feel they are 
committed to the purest ideals for emancipation of the individual on the 
premises resulting in social progress.

We call for proposals around two main themes:

-The limits and contradictions within contemporary capitalism and new 
forms of revolutionary struggle.

-The limits and contradictions within socialist experience at the 20th 
Century: elements of improvements within the emmancipatory paradigm.

 From these two main themes we propose that participants will develop 
their presentations along the following sub-themes:

· Communist Revolution and Human Emancipation: the subject of revolution 
in the new world order
· Workers and the trade union movement in the contemporary world
· State and Economy in the current world
· Under-development and Capitalism
· Globalization and sustainable human development
· Latin America: the FTAA and the USA
· Property and social development


Those wishing to participate in the conference should contact the 
Co-ordinator of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Jesus Pastor Garcia Brigos 
(see below - paper submission guidelines prior to the 31st of January 2003.

Our fee schedule is as follows: professional category US$80.00, 
companions of professionals US$60.00 and students US$50.00.

The goal of the organizers during the conference is to achieve the 
closest and richest dialogue and discussions possible, and that 
resulting from these interchanges we can continue strengthening the 
necessary formative praxis for human progress.

Paper submission guidelines:

· Papers should be sent to the Co-ordinator of the Scientific Committee: 
Dr. Jesus Pastor Garcia Brigos by e-mail: jpastor at or 3.5 disk
· An abstract of the paper, maximum one page in length. Papers may be 
submitted in English or Spanish.
· Paper length maximum 30 pages (Windows 95 or later versions, New Times 
Roman font 12. double spaced, paper size 8-1/2 x 11, side margins 2 
centimetres, top and bottom margins 4 centimetres

Authors of papers that are selected for presentation will be notified by 
March 31st 2003.

It is expected that all papers which are presented will be circulated in 
advance via electronic mail among all participants in order to 
facilitate their study and thus have a better preparation prior to their 
debate and presentation.

All papers will be published in the volumes, dedicated to this 
conference, in the Cuban Social Sciences Magazine and on the web site of 
the Institute of Philosophy and the web page Cuba Siglo XXI. All authors 
are requested to give us their explicit refusal of publication rights if 
they do not wish for their papers to be published in our magazine.

We will also publish all the abstracts of papers submitted to the 
Conference. Those papers that are not selected for presentation will 
also be published in other editions of the Cuban Social Sciences 
Magazine as well as the above-mentioned electronic media.

The memoirs of the event, which will include some transcripts, and other 
materials of the conference, including all papers that were presented 
will be published in a CD-rom. We also require publication rights 
permission for this.

At the time of posting of this notice we already have the confirmation 
of many internationally recognized scholars from all continents and thus 
we are driven in our efforts toward making this conference as open as 
possible and maintaining our set objectives.

Other Conference related activities

With the intention of maintaining communications after the conference, 
the Organizing Committee will be presenting a proposal to establish an 
on-going Permanent International Workshop - Marx and the challenges of 
the Century XXI, which would publish, organize events, and in general 
maintain a continued interchange between participants to the conference 
and new colleagues who may wish to join us.

Those who wish to participate in the activities that will be organized 
for the International Workers Day on May 1st, and others that will be 
co-ordinated by the Cuban Workers Labour Union together with the 
Organizing Committee during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of May should advise 
the Co-ordinator of the Scientific Committee prior to the 31st of 
January 2003. The program for the activities for those days will be 
published shortly and will include academic discussion and interchanges 
with Cuban specialists as well as activities with the Cuban labour 
movement among others.

We will be offering courses and events pre and post the conference as 
well as co-lateral activities which will be publicised in other notices.

All work will be done in commission-oriented sessions in panels grouped 
by themes.

There will also be optional evening sessions at conference rooms near 
the hotels that have been selected for the conference. These sessions 
will be dedicated to interchanges on themes that affect present day 
Cuba, among other topics of relevance. Work sessions will be in English 
and in Spanish.


Presenters will be allotted a 15-minute presentation period for their 
papers, and these will be the basis for discussions in working commissions.

The Conference Schedule is as follows:

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