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viveka kaliyuga at
Tue Jan 21 22:55:55 MST 2003

> Let me turn
> the question around. "Why now?"  Why is the fear of depletion strong
> to propel capital to war now?  Why not in 1973 at the first oil crisis?
> not 1979-80?  Was the 1991 war a battle over depletion?  Why now, if the
> time to depletion doesn't matter?

First off, we don't KNOW the time to depletion, though my guess would be
there ARE people who do know and for whom this timetable may make sense.
That aspect is simply unknowable to those of us not privy to information at
the highest levels of government.  We can only make inferences and

Secondly, the opportunity and will may not have been there to make a move on
Iraq in those other years.  These are factors that have nothing to do with
profit at all, but political realities - the composition of the people in
power in the U.S., a weakened Iraqi state and the absence of a Soviet
deterent, to name some of the more obvious.


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