Against the Current [Jan/Feb 2003]: Special Reparations Focus

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The just emergent January/February 2003 issue  [#102] of the always
excellent socialist journal, Against the Current -- sponsored by
Solidarity -- contains its usual range of fine pieces.  There is an
extensive, special focus on Reparations & Liberation with these component

In their statement opening the Reparations section, the ATC editors

"As a diverse and vibrant movement, the reparations struggle includes a
variety of views on how payment should be made -- to institutions or
individuals -- for what purpose, and on who is responsible.  While we are in
solidarity with this movement, our purpose here is to present some of this
complexity and the historical context rather than to express an editorial
opinion on detailed issues under debate."

For Reparations and Transformation [Robin D.G. Kelley]

19th Century Demands for Slavery Compensation  [The Reparations Demand in
History]:  "The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire"  [Paul Ortiz]

All Out for Millions for Reparations [Black Workers for Justice via Justice

Launching the Mass Reparations Campaign [National Reparations Education and
Mobilization Coalition -- principal authors, Sam Anderson and Muntu

Greens and Reparations:  A New Black Politics Coming [Donna J. Warren]

A Mass Reparations Movement in the Fight for Social Justice:  Reparations, A
New Reconstruction [Clarence Lang]

Views and Vistas on the Reparations Trail [A Native American and Civil
Rights View]:  A Vision and A Hope [Hunter Gray]

These articles are quite substantial.  Mine is available on line at this
point via our Lair of Hunterbear website at this Link:[VIEWS%20AND%20VISTAS].htm

Against the Current will continue the Reparations & Liberation discussion in
its next issue.

The Solidarity/Against the Current website Link is

[My first article for ATC appeared in 1988.  In 1980, my first piece in
Labor Notes came out.]

Fraternally /  In Solidarity -

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