Oil and overproduction

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Wed Jan 22 08:11:17 MST 2003

At 22/01/2003 14:26, Charles wrote:

>Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 08:32:51 -0500
>From: "David Schanoes" <dmsch at attglobal.net>
>Subject: Re: Oil and overproduction
>Regarding MJ and the ABCs of Marxism:  MJ says they, the ABCs don't apply to
>oil.  He says it's not important or at least not as important as the studies
>of oil that showing its looming disappearance. MJ says the ABCDEFs don't
>apply because overproduction is not the issue.
>CB: On this (somebody might have mentioned it already) , doesn't
>"overproduction" in the ABC''s usually refer to the whole economy , not just
>one industry.  Do Marxist's talk about a crisis of overproduction in the auto
>industry ?

Charles, a cautionary note: the "MJ" David Schanoes is referring to is not
an actual person but a figment of his own imagination that he engages in
discussion with.  I am not responsible for the words or deeds of this
fictitious MJ.


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