The oil thing

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Wed Jan 22 08:39:36 MST 2003

<<CB: Now I agree with you on this. I'm not sure exactly how Mark's
thesis should be translated into anti-war propaganda at this point. Lots
of Americans would go for "Us for ourselves, the devil take the
hindmost" , if they thought we were headed for the Catastrophe ( with
capital "C") that Mark suggests.>>

Well yes they might, but in discussions I am having with people I make
my prime argument that given the finite nature of oil reserves, the
first obligation of this generation of humanity should be to use what
oil and gas resources are left to build the infrastructure for the
energy complex of the future.

At the same time we should be seeking every form of energy conservation
available, from investment in mass transit, to reconfiguration of our
housing patterns. I think that such a program could be inspiring to
young people, witness the Nader campaign of 2000.

Jon Flanders

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