Israeli trops destroy property in Nazlat 'Iza

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As the US moves toward invading Iraq,  the destruction of Palestinian homes
and property by Israeli forces in the name of  "anti-terrorism" is
escalating sharply.  The following report follows one yesterday about the
destruction of 62 shops in the West Bank city of Nablus.
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Israeli troops destroy property in Nazlat 'Iza -
Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi calls it the "beginning of a larger plan of ethnic
21 January 2003

Israeli troops accompanied by 10 huge bulldozers, 12 military jeeps and
three armoured personnel carriers this morning entered the Palestinian town
of Nazlat 'Iza in the northern West Bank and demolished 63 shops.

Two days ago, on the 19th of January, the villagers were informed of the
Israeli plan to destroy the structures. The army gave the inhabitants 24
hours notice.

Despite such short notice, Ziyad Salam, the head of the local council, told
the Palestine Monitor how, on the morning of the 20th, the inhabitants of
the village, "evacuated the buildings and got ready to watch the army
destroy the first building. However, with approximately 20 foreign
delegates, and with a large press presence, the citizens of the village came
out and defended the structures."

He went on to say, "My guess is that the army did not come to destroy the
buildings because everyone would see what they were doing and this is the
last thing they want. But we know it is inevitable."

And this came true this morning - when about 500 local residents tried once
more to defend their property from being attacked and demolished.
Accompanied by 20 foreigners, they protested in front of the tanks and other
military vehicles. Israeli troops prevented them from approaching the area,
and many of the demonstrators sought medical treatment after inhaling tear
gas fired by the troops to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the

The properties in Nazlat 'Iza have been destroyed as they are on land that
Israel is annexing in the construction of the wall (more is available on
this topic in the Special Section on the Palestine Monitor's website).

According to Mr. Salam, this is the "latest in a series of Israel measures
against the villagers, who have for the past two years been prevented from
working in Israel, then due to the draconian closures were prevented from
reaching their agricultural land, and now the last means to eke out an
existence have also been destroyed."

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi said, "This latest move comes as no surprise. All
these actions are parts of a plan to remove Palestinians from areas in the
West Bank and Gaza. Basically we are talking about the beginning of a larger
plan of ethnic cleansing."

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