Cynthia Cochran responds to David McReynolds on WWP

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Wed Jan 22 16:13:19 MST 2003

(Cynthia is the widow of Bert Cochran, who was a leader of the American
Socialist Union in the 1950s. Basically, this group was an attempt to
launch a non-sectarian Marxist movement. Archives selected from their
magazine can be found at:

Dear David:

As a permanent Cochranite (?) I won't get drawn into either the petty
squabbles or the philosophical differences that are evidently ongoing in
the Movement since forever.

But as a friend, I have to tell you I am unhappy about that whole paragraph
attacking the WWP.  If it is true that the WWP was largely responsible for
the magnificent demonstration, so be it  If they have the most foot
soldiers, so welcome their help.  OK.  You did give them a nice pat on the
back but the rest was pretty meanspirited at best and certainly unhelpful
in stopping the administration's bloody plans of Empire.

Unity was never more important.  It is fortunate that that 'tiny' party has
a big engine.  We may not like their politics or their methods, but you
sure can't fault their energy and dedication.

David, I am convinced if this War against Iraq is permitted, the world will
be an unsafe place, for generations to come. Unsafe from us. This
administration has worked on these plans since 1991.  Blair is no fool.  He
means England to be a partner of the Victor not a vassal. Maybe he even
thinks he can pull a Roosevelt and come out on top with America blasting
away forever in the mid-East and staunching the blood flow from terrorist
attacks at home.? It is fortunate that a large part of their ruling class
sees what he does but would rather fight along with Europe.

I seem to have lost a whole section I wrote but I've said too much all
ready.  By the way, I did get unattached from my nebulizer long enough to
join a Church group (yeah, like Golda when she joined with Russia? USA?an
African country?...when she said "I'd make a pact with the Devil to save my
people!".  We made a kind of 2 hour Stations of the Cross walk up Amsterdam
stopping in front of 6 upper West Side churches gathering their
parishioners, listening to their Priests (some really blasting the
administration!)and back to the 96 and Amsterdam now
1000.  Inside It was an impressive sight.  One thousand candles, Dan
Berrigan speaking and the day winding up with a gentle singing of "We Shall
Overcome".  It was all a great experience for me, an atheist since I was
five.  My last church visit was in '46? when I spoke in Black churches in
Watts, LA when I ran for State Senator.

Better not to get on memories...I'll go on forever.  Mind if I send copies
of this whole thing to Edmond and Louis?    Best,  Cynthia

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