Rummy logic from the pen of Rice

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at
Thu Jan 23 02:53:06 MST 2003

Condoleeza Rice is a person with a brain.  How sad to see this brain
perverted, in the cause of imperialist war, to the writing of sentences like
these from her op-ed piece in today's New York Times:

"Last week's finding by inspectors of 12 chemical warheads not included in
Iraq's declaration was particularly troubling. In the past, Iraq has filled
this type of warhead with sarin — a deadly nerve agent used by Japanese
terrorists in 1995 to kill 12 Tokyo subway passengers and sicken thousands
of others. Richard Butler, the former chief United Nations arms inspector,
estimates that if a larger type of warhead that Iraq has made and used in
the past were filled with VX (an even deadlier nerve agent) and launched at
a major city, it could kill up to one million people. Iraq has also failed
to provide United Nations inspectors with documentation of its claim to have
destroyed its VX stockpiles."

Did you follow that?

12 old shells were found.  In the past, she says, Iraq filled such shells
with sarin.  Then: Butler says that IF Iraq filled a LARGER shell with a
DIFFERENT gas, and launched it at a major city, it could kill up to one
million people.

Furthermore, if they filled an OCEAN LINER with SOLID PLUTONIUM, and
detonated it in New York Harbor, it would leave a crater 35 miles wide!  And
if they stopped the MOON IN ITS ORBIT, causing it to fall into the earth, it
would destroy ALL LIFE.  Clearly Saddam Hussein is a hypothetically
dangerous man.

Lou Paulsen

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