Venezuela army group tells U.S. ambassador to stop meddling

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Thu Jan 23 13:56:45 MST 2003

Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 - 7:14:06 PM
By: VHeadline Reporters

US Ambassador Charles Shapiro warned to stop meddling in Venezuela's
political business

According to a leaked report made available to, the Venezuelan
Armed Forces (FAN) is to issue a broadside against US Ambassador Charles
Shapiro ahead of Friday's meeting in Washington D.C. of the "Friends of
Venezuela" grouping of Foreign Ministers.

Textually the note from the Venezuelan Information & Intelligence Service

For the Attention of:
Ambassador Charles Shapiro
irccaracas at

CC. H.E. General Collin Powell,
Secretary of State
secretary at
CC. Diplomatic Corps, Caracas

International Press Release
Caracas, 23 January 2003

Your Excellency:
We write to inform you that the Venezuelan military is unhappy with your
daily interference in the internal affairs of our country.

- We ask that you should refrain forthwith from interfering in the domestic
affairs of Venezuela as failure on your part to comply with this request may
result in you being declared persona non grata abd, if necessary, we will
request the President to require you to leave our country.

- The political stoppage, aimed at undermining the power of the State and
Presidency is a subversive and terrorist act. In short, a similar occurrence
would not be tolerated in "the land of the free" but be subject to legal
measures deemed necessary under your Constitution. Needless to say, we
strongly repudiate that your country is responsible for supporting the
fascist right-wing Venezuelan opposition (including the coup d'etat of April
11). We also take this! opportunity to accuse Spain of supporting the
anti-democratic forces (both "friends" of Dictator-for-a-Day Pedro Carmona
Estanga ).

- When you wish to communicate with our government, we request that you do
in the traditional and diplomatically most acceptable way through our
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am sure that you will agree that is a
customary diplomatic norm for a diplomat so please do not bother the
President or his Vice President with your daily "sermons" as they are too
busy to listen to your rants.

- Please also be informed that the President enjoys the total support of all
key military personnel (except the ex-officers which your country supports
the Four Seasons Hotel). Furthermore, in order to! protect the State and its
institutions, the Armed Force (FAN) and Military Intelligence is proactive
-- i.e. those who pose a seditious threat to the State, its intitutions,
Constitution, governmental agencies, etc., will be classified as traitors
dealt with according to the appropriate Venezuelan Law.

- As far elections are concerned: the anti-democratic forces will have to
respect the 1999 Constitution and wait until August (2003) for a binding
referendum. If they are not happy with this essential point of
Constitutionality, they may always ask your President (George W. Bush) for
early elections in the United States as being the first one disputed (by
American citizens). Please note: that the Venezuelan military will, if
necessary, def! end the integrity of Venezuela's Constitutional order
(including the Presidency) by force of arms, as is our bounden duty as
officers of the Republic to which we have pledged our troth and honor.

Finally, the opposition has recognized 'de facto,' that their political
stoppage (misnomered a "strike" by the media), aimed at forcing a
duly-elected and constitutionally empowered President out of office, has

Please also note and be aware that the Venezuelan military opposes what you
call "early elections" as a serious breach of our Constitution and that any
such venture would in fact set a dangerous and destabilizing precedent for
the tenure of any future President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,
no matter by what name or political creed.

With the deepest respect,

alfa_militar at
Venezuelan Information & Intelligence Service
Servicios de Informacion e Inteligencia Venezolano
per pro Venezuela's Armed Force (FAN)

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