Indonesian solidarity message- from People's Democratic Party

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Thu Jan 23 22:38:42 MST 2003

I just got this. I believe it was sent to the anti-war rallies held recently
around the world.

Solidarity Greetings

Comrades and Friends,
Today we are facing the problem that is continuing day by day to strangle and
suffer the majority of the world population, that is militarism and imperialism.
After the terrorists attack on WTC building on September 11, 2001, US with the
unconditional support of UK, have been trying to establish
their power by their military might, to dictate the global policies in the interest
of the first world countries. The US military power grows in the Asia Pacific,
thus the influences of it intervene in the domestic politics in the region.
What happen in the Phillipines and in the Korean peninsula,
are the clear proof of the rise of the US power in many Asian countries.

What happens these days in Indonesia is a form of our resistance, the people
of Indonesia, against the oppression and deprivation done by the states and
governments of the first world countries. The US has destroyed Afghanistan
people independence and self-determination as well as robbed their lives, created
draconian governments of the Mujahidin, the Taliban, and the newly installed
puppet government. Their imperialist interest in the Middle East had brought
misery to the Iraqis, and now the US and its allies want to
complete their control of the Iraqis oil. These are the very fact of the policies
pursued by the imperialist powers to destroy and dominate the peoples and countries
that hinder or endanger their predatory interests.

Under these condition, the People's Democratic Party of Indonesia calls on the
peoples of the world to:

1. Stop the US-led invasion to Iraq.
2. Stop the imperialist interventions to the third world countries, like Venezuela,
Columbia, etc.
3. Gather around the International Solidarity to fight against the US imperialist

The Central Leadership Committee
The People's Democratic Party

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