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Thu Jan 23 23:34:16 MST 2003

Terry Gross interviewed Todd Gitlin and Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on
NPR's Fresh Air today, providing a forum for Gitlin's red-baiting and
a chance for International ANSWER to respond.  They were interviewed
seperately, with Gitlin going first.  He presented the same attack on
the mystical IAC/WWP/ANSWER tri-lateral committee of evil that he and
other red-baiters have concocted over the last few months.  Gross then
presented Verheyden with some of Gitlin's criticisms, as well as a
quote from David Corn's "Behind the Placards" screed.  Verheyden
handled them very well, chastising Gross for pursuing such an
unconstructive line of questioning.

While I don't think Gross is directly sympathetic with ANSWER, I am
very happy that ANSWER was able to answer (harhar) the ludicrous
red-baiting on one of the most popular public radio programs.  Gross
asked Gitlin if he felt at all like a member of HUAC, or if he felt
funny lambasting people for being too left, considering his history in
the SDS and its relation to mainstream ideology.  In the end I think
ANSWER came out looking very good, commited to stopping the war and
doing good work to that end.  I particularly appreciated the Mara's
calling Gitlin an "arm-chair activist."

With Corn calling the Oct25 event a "quasi mass demonstration" I
wonder how he will call the Jan18th event, perhaps a "psuedo populist
hoedown"?  Thankfully this shite seems to be ignored by those doing
work in the movement, where solidarity and diversity of opinion rule
the day.

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