Response to Jeff K (Is Saddam a freedom fighter? Should "we" off him?)

Jeff Kinkle jeffkinkle at
Sat Jan 25 15:50:02 MST 2003

[ quoted text snipped ]

Who is talking about a peace plan initiated by the American government?
  I surely haven't.  I'm speaking about a scenario in which another
state would intervene to counter and undermine the influence of
America.   Such an intervention would require an incredible amount of
bravery, hard work, and perhaps some luck but I think it could be a

> At best you'll end up with something like contemporary Afghanistan,
> where "democracy" is a bad joke that the US maintains for PR purposes.

If it would avert a massive bombing campaign and held the possibility
of leading to a bit of a better joke than I'd support it (if it wasn't
initiated by the States).

I don't understand why everyone responds to my posts by providing ample
evidence of the horrors committed by the US gov't and international
capital.  I think I've stated quite clearly that what I am talking
about would not be an initiative that the US would start or for that
matter support.  They do not want a peaceful resolution to this
conflict that would lead to AUTHENTIC democracy in Iraq.  That is
exactly why such an outcome is exactly what 'we' should be pushing for.

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