Chamberlain and Daladier alive again?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Jan 25 15:57:32 MST 2003

A suggestive comparison indeed.  Only a fool would have faith in Schroeder
and Chirac.  And I make a prediction now.  France will never use its veto
against the USA.

My knowledge though of the 39 period is limited to books!  I just have a
feeling now that there is a real depth to this anti-war movement which has
caught everyone by surprise.  Perhaps it is greater than in the 30s.

I see the anti-war tide as another manifestation of a deep anti-system
feeling which has gripped the youth of the world.  this has shown up in
various guises - anti-globalisation, anti-capitalism etc.

The hegemony of the powerful is slipping and they are increasingly being
driven to rely on force or power without virtue as the Japanese put it.



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