consequences of nuking Iraq

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jan 26 02:42:44 MST 2003

At 11:52  25/01/03 +0000, Mark wrote:

>I argued on the A-List back in September that a US war of aggression against
>Iraq was not very likely for these and other reasons, and I still think it
>is not likely. It is more likely that the troops will be stood down and the
>carrier fleets will have to go home again. Like the Grand Old Duke of York
>in the nursery rhyme, Bush has marched them up the hill and will march them
>ignominiously down again. It will be a famous defeat for US imperialism and
>the possibility of this perhaps explains Bush's very public temper tantrums
>and petulance just now. But who really knows? We live in interesting times.

Who knows, Mark?

I have been convinced for months that an attack was coming.  But politics
and the dialectic never die, and you could be correct.  Let's hope so.

The Bush regime  & the sycophants have badly botched the whole war
propaganda effort.  In Australia, for instance, only 6% are unconditionally
in favour.  That is an amazing figure.  Since he has committed troops the
Prime Minister has been terrified of a back lash.
Now the talk of nuclear weapons will harden the resolve of the people to
resist the war machine.



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