Europe demands Iraqi oil rights to drop veto; March 3 is new war date

Jacob Levich jlevich at
Sun Jan 26 07:11:31 MST 2003

Europe's resistance to the war is a revealed as a shakedown. Looks like the
US will need to agree to honor all pre-existing oil contracts before it
gets the Security Council on board. March 3 is new war date.


Oil is key as Bush agrees month delay

Sunday Herald, Jan 26, 2002

The US is also understood to be ready to compromise its plans to monopolise
the post-war oil industry in Iraq using only US oil firms. The US
government's promise to hold Iraqi oilfields 'in trust' for the people of
Iraq is now looking like an international, US-led promise to spread the
spoils between US, French, Chinese and Russian oil companies.
What remains unclear diplomatically is the position the anti-war German
government will take if the French are seen to roll over in a covert oil
deal. However new diplomatic noises from Berlin appeared positive, with
Germany's foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, insisting that his country
maintained 'close ties' with Washington. Fischer also said Iraq had to
disarm, indicating even Germany would be forced into a compromise position.

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