Nuking Iraq/WWP

David Walters dwalters at
Sun Jan 26 11:23:53 MST 2003

I think it's a stretch to say nukes cause earthquakes. Such castrophism is
based on anecdotal evidence. The major problem is radiation and it's drift
through out Asia and then the world, even with tactical nukes of the
Hiroshima variety. I think the US will use it if it faces defeat or, the
excuse of a biological defensive attack by the Iraqi gov't.

I think the problem will occur if there is a real defense of Bagdad by
Hussein loyalists...and that problem isn't nukes its so-called "tactical"
and "precision" bombing that could kill tens of thousands in Bagdad

If the war starts, we get off one or two big rallies, the movement will
quickly develop into a anti-occupation movement, IMO.


WWP, I am surprised that people on this list still want to go 'after WWP' as
if it's some mystical creature of the netherworld. It's  cadre group like
any other, it does have money, but it has above all tactical acumen and a
coherent program, for better or for worse. What I maintained once before is
that when the various campaigns WWP initiates, to it's credit, is confronted
with an equally strong, and/or broader coalition, it cannot 'compete' as
well..this was true throughout the mid-80s to the Gulf War in the Bay Area:
it's movement work was overshadowed, albeit appreciated, by the broader
coalitions that sprung up that were  based on one-person one vote or
organized around simpler programs. I hope International ANSWER continues and
doesn't stop what it is doing, it is doing it well, and WWP deserves credit
for a job well done as the leading force inside the coalition. I think it
NEEDS friendly competition by a truly broad based coalition(s). I know
InternationalANSWER will support the actions these movements initiate, such
as February 16th in the Bay Area.


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