WWP's *Deep Pockets* [!!snort!!]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 26 11:39:07 MST 2003

Lou Paulsen:
>In other words, the reason ANSWER is successful is that it has been able to
>OUTSPEND and OUTSTAFF the other combined progressive NGOs in the US on the
>basis of the sacrifices of 200 WWP members!!!  The list then went on into a
>discussion of the economics of this.  Chuck Munson concluded that this was
>improbable (a stopped calendar is right once a year) and then opined that
>this was a story that WWP had spread around in order to enhance our
>mystique!! (but ONLY once).

The level of hysteria around Ramsey Clark and the WWP is reaching a
crescendo as we approach war. Yesterday the first thing I heard from a guy
who I play chess with on a regular basis was the question of whether
"calling attention" to the WWP is the same thing as redbaiting. This is a
guy who reads the Weekly Standard religiously, but whose hot buttons until
recently have been affirmative action and global warming. So I guess that's
a barometer of neoconservative concerns nowadays.

This Chuck Munson referred to above is aka Chuck 0, although I prefer to
call him Chuck Zero. He is one of the more notorious redbaiters on
Henwood's list, but packages his garbage in anarchist gift-wrapping rather
than the social democratic or liberal kind favored by Henwood,
Featherstone, Pugliese, Dennis Perrin and other denizens of that swamp.
What he shares with fellow snoop Michael Pugliese is an appetite for
dossier-building. This obsession with how many members WWP has or how they
finance themselves comes straight out of "I Led 3 Lives." But for some
really priceless amateur FBI work, I refer you to Chuck Zero's memorandum
on the constituent groups in ANSWER at
http://nuance.dhs.org/lbo-talk/0301/2118.html, from which the following is
drawn. All that you need to add is a "Buy US Savings Bonds" at the bottom,
which is on all the mostly blacked out FBI memos I got under the Freedom of
Information Act.

Nicaragua Network
2-3 people (friendly to IAC before 9/11 courtesy of Chuck Kaufmann)

Bayan - USA/International
A network of organizations. Claims to have lots of members. Possibly
the  biggest member of the ANSWER steering committee.

Korea Truth Commission
Close ties with the IAC. Front group?

International Action Center -
aka Workers World Party. Several dozen organizers and leaders.

Muslim Student Association of the U.S./Canada
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
An authentic grassroot organization.

Mexico Solidarity Network
Handful of staffers. Under the influence of Chuck Kaufmann (see above)

ad nauseum.

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