WWP's *Deep Pockets* [!!snort!!]

Steven McGraw stmcgraw at vt.edu
Sun Jan 26 12:51:46 MST 2003

>This Chuck Munson referred to above is aka Chuck 0, although I prefer to
>call him Chuck Zero. He is one of the more notorious redbaiters on
>Henwood's list, but packages his garbage in anarchist gift-wrapping rather
>than the social democratic or liberal kind favored by Henwood,
>Featherstone, Pugliese, Dennis Perrin and other denizens of that swamp.
>What he shares with fellow snoop Michael Pugliese is an appetite for
>dossier-building. This obsession with how many members WWP has or how they
>finance themselves comes straight out of "I Led 3 Lives."

So this is what sectarianism looks like.  Yuck.

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