WWP's *Deep Pockets* [!!snort!!]

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> Steve McGraw:
> >So this is what sectarianism looks like.  Yuck.
> What a juvenile comment.

I just looked at the lbo-talk archive for the first time since I last got
thrown off it about a year ago. I'd been subbed for about 90 minutes before
Doug woke up to the fact that I was there; he took the archive offline for
the rest of the day just in case I left soom poo lying around on the way
out. He needn't have bothered; the whole thing is just a stinking quagmire
of poo, especially, that ghastly Featherstone creature. Going there really
is like having to stick your fist in a blocked lavatory to find out what's
down there. What an indescribably awful place. What utterly terrible people.


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