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Sun Jan 26 14:55:13 MST 2003

Steve McGraw:
>In the spirit of fun, someone posted a David Horowitz article that
>described the antiwar movement as part of an imminent communist takeover.
>The subject line was "great news from david horowitz."  The article turned
>out to be his usual hysterical nonsense, but it made the obvious point that
>media coverage of the antiwar movement has been unusually positive given
>the easy, slow-moving target that is ANSWER.

This assumes that the mainstream press has laid off red-baiting. In fact it
has been present for the longest time. Since I have access to Lexis-Nexis
as a Columbia University employee, it is easy for me to verify this. A
search on "Ramsey Clark" & "WWP" uncovered the following from the
Washington Post. There are other pieces of sludge, but this should suffice:

The Washington Post
December 15, 2002, Sunday, Final Edition

The Crusader; Ramsey Clark Was LBJ's Attorney General. Now He's Busy
Denouncing U.S. 'War Crimes' in Places Like Iraq, N. Korea. How Did That

Peter Carlson, Washington Post Staff Writer

Ramsey Clark says he hasn't changed at all since the days when he was
Lyndon Johnson's attorney general. He knows that a lot of people don't
believe him, but he doesn't seem to care.

"All I've been doing," Clark says in his soft Texas drawl, "is what I
thought would prevent war and strengthen international institutions and
protect human rights and create social and economic justice."

Maybe. But his crusade for peace and justice has taken some strange detours
over the last couple of decades. These days, for instance, Clark, 74,
serves as a lawyer for Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav dictator now
on trial for war crimes at an International Criminal Tribunal in Holland.
Clark is also defending Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, a Rwandan clergyman
charged with genocide in connection with the massacre of Tutsis in 1994.

Over the years, Clark has also served as an attorney for the Palestine
Liberation Organization. And for Radovan Karadzic, a Bosnian Serb general
indicted on charges of genocide in 1995. And Lyndon LaRouche, the American
political cult leader convicted of mail fraud in 1988. And Sheik Omar Abdel
Rahman, the so-called "blind cleric" convicted of seditious conspiracy for
his role as spiritual adviser to the men who exploded a truck bomb in the
World Trade Center in 1993.

But defending clients isn't all Clark does. He also serves as what one
former colleague describes as "a one-man opposition State Department" --
flying to Iran, Iraq, Panama, Serbia, Libya and North Korea to denounce the
United States for what he calls "war crimes" or "genocide" against those
nations. Then he comes home to convene propaganda tribunals, where leftist
activists try -- and inevitably convict -- the United States for crimes
against humanity.

Clark also works as a political organizer. He's the founder and chairperson
of the International Action Center, an antiwar group created and dominated
by members of a tiny Marxist-Leninist sect called the Workers World Party.
The IAC and a spin-off group, International ANSWER, organized the antiwar
demonstration that drew nearly 100,000 to Washington on Oct. 26. Now, they
are organizing a sequel scheduled for Jan. 18.

Clark has drawn merciless fire from commentators across the political
spectrum. Conservative pundit George F. Will dismisses him as "a piece of
lint from the 1960s." Liberal commentator John B. Judis wrote that Clark
"inhabits the furthest reaches of the fevered swamps of American politics."
Salon, the online magazine, called him "the war criminal's best friend."
And an anarchist Web site called the Shadow ran a story titled "The
Mysterious Ramsey Clark: Stalinist Dupe or Ruling-Class Spook?"


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