Duluth Anti-war rally gets 2500

Derek S. derektheredrebel at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 26 14:52:58 MST 2003

Yesterday we had the largest anti-war demonstration
that Duluth, Minnesota has ever seen. Some one did a
head count and got roughly 2500. The turnout was
especially amazing when you take into account our
below zero weather-- perhaps the astounding energy of
the rally kept everyone warm.

We can't claim to have a large far left over here, so
it was overwhelmingly ordinary folks who attended--
lots of workers, youth, and a good number of vets and
current service people. It was endorsed by the Dulth
Central Labor Body of the AFL-CIO, as well as various
individual unions.

The march and rally was organized by the Northland
Our NAWC meetings have been very big (40-50 people),
and are extremely diverse.

Most older folks say they haven't seen anything like
this in the Northland for decades. There is a buzz
everywhere, all kinds of new people are becoming
active and politicized-- we have a very strong
momentum. All the local politicians are now trying to
kiss our ass, running to issue out statements during
our rallies :)

It is yet another example of the mass anti-war
sentiment felt amongst ordinary people that exists in
ever nook and cranny of the USA.


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