Doug Henwood's Shameful Claque

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Mon Jan 27 00:01:13 MST 2003

Yeah, I know it's disgusting topic, but I'm
asking you for the chance to purge myself.

RE: Duff Fernwood's Lily-livered Bourgeois
Oblivious Talk (LBO-T) list

It was written:

>>Although I have had no luck resubscribing to
Henwood's list since my e-mail
address changed, I still occasionally try to
follow what is going on there.

Would love to have you there (you better ignore
DP & MP, though, for your mental health). In the
meantime, anything you want to post, I'll forward
it to LBO-talk, if you like.<<

Well, I suggest (for purposes of humor) you
review what gets you thrown off that list:

According to list owner, Duff, >>But stupidity,
prolixity, dogmatism, bigotry, cheap
disruptiveness, sectarianism, and false or
multiple identities are not welcome, and will
result in warning, suspension, or ejection.<<

That's funny--I mean like herniate a gut
funny--because all of these criteria are
continuously violated by the Jerry Springer-like
loose screws that show up there hourly, including
Duff himself. The only time Duff isn't prolix
(this is a guy who can do it in 25 words, his
style should be called 'pithy prolixity', as in
contentless conciseness) is when he has his goofy
little 'moderator' cap on, in which case he asks
goofy little questions for what he thinks is some
sort of humorous effect with his 'nudge, nudge,
wink, wink' claque of goofballs. Well, yeah, he
is a goofy guy, so...

Other than a small group of (masochistic?) people
of good intent, which includes Yoshie F, Carrol
Cox, Joanna Bujes, and no need to go to my other
hand to count, that list is pure garbage from
toxic people, truly.

The toxic shock troopers of LBO-T's hall of shame
include: none other than Duff himself, Dennis
Perrin (indescribably offensive); 'economist' Max
Sawicky (who, even when I agree with him, makes
me ill); feared raider of the lost ark, Chip
Berlet (I've never agreed with him on anything;
if he admitted to being a stupid, ill-informed
wonk who writes for a think tank of
crypto-politics and pseudo-policy formulations,
I'd probably disagree with him; he really is like
'sociology's' stupid version of Max); Tahir Woods
(an autonomist Marxist with a fixation on canine
feces and killing Islamic fundamentalists);
Justin Schwartz (a Hayekian lawyer who thinks he
does 'philosophy'); Michael Pugliese: oh, yeah,
and Chuck of the Null Setting, Louis's favorite.
I can't even remember the names of the other ones
(no wait, I just remembered Luke Weiger, or was
that just a bad gas attack?), and there were some
that were even worse. I remember there was one
who I always called 'Boo Radley' and/or 'Rad
Bailey' (for variety) and it seemed he was a
self-proclaimed 'leftist' hanging out at an
investment firm specializing in the
securitization of properties or something; funny
thing was he could only talk about the
securitization of properties.

Do your brains and your bowels a favor, and stick
with the Troma videos if you need low-brow

C. Jannuzi
Thrown off of LBO-T after one year of battling
those bunch of rabid attack chihauhaus, and proud
of it.

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